Introducing Auctane

Today marks the start of a new era for our company. For more than two decades, we have supplied businesses with mailing, shipping, and fulfillment solutions focused on helping professionals and small businesses communicate and connect more efficiently.

The future of commerce lies in enabling and expanding consumer choices. With creative solutions and technology, we see a future in which businesses and sellers of any size can offer original products to customers around the globe while navigating complex logistic channels with ease.

For this reason, we’re proud to introduce our new company name: Auctane. 

A Partner Through the Evolution of Commerce

We didn’t come to this decision overnight. As commerce has evolved and become a more significant part of our lives and our economy, we have embraced the problems that emerge from online selling and delivery and created products focused exclusively on e-commerce sellers. 

When launched, we set out to solve a specific problem. In partnership with the leadership of the United States Postal Service, built software which brought the power of the Post Office online and into businesses and homes across America. 

In the years since, e-commerce paved the way for the incredible variety of consumer choices that we take for granted today…with complex global supply chain interactions and delivery options forming the foundation for a new economy. Where consumers were once limited to what was in stock at their local brick-and-mortar stores, suddenly the entire world was open for business and everyone could participate.

As e-commerce matured, our mission expanded. We launched new brands and products, partnered with hundreds of marketplaces and carriers around the world, and became obsessed with helping online businesses thrive by making them incredibly effective at exceeding customer expectations.

While remains a growing product with incredible impact, over time, our other products have become market leaders as well. Our e-commerce focused products, including ShipStation, ShipEngine, Metapack, and ShippingEasy, have become household names in commerce around the globe. With our increased impact, the name is no longer a broad enough umbrella to fully encompass our mission. 

This is why we’ve changed our name to Auctane.

What’s Next?

At Auctane, we are united by a passion to help sellers — wherever they are, however they operate — fulfill the promises they make to consumers. The Auctane mission is to fuel commerce through exceptional delivery. We make it possible for businesses to meet the ever rising expectations of their customers, and we make the world smaller and more accessible to consumers everywhere. 

Auctane brands enable hundreds of thousands of merchants to annually deliver billions of products — over $200 billion worth — to customers around the globe.

And Auctane is just getting started. 

Nathan Jones 

CEO, Auctane 

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Published: December 16, 2021